Discussion Room Booking System

discussion Room in Research Student Centre

Discussion Rooms in Research Student Centre

There are 6 discussion rooms in the Research Student Centre, with 4 rooms on Ground floor and 2 rooms on Mezzanine floor. Projector and TVs are available in some of the discussion rooms for notebook projection.

The seating capacity and facilites in these rooms are tablulated below:

Session: 30 minutes/session

Maximum booking sessions/person: 4 sessions/day

Eligibility to book: Discussion rooms 1 – 6: All RSC students

Discussion Room 1

  • Seating Capacity : 10
  • Projector



Discussion Room 2

  • Seating Capacity : 8
  • 48″TV

Discussion Room 3

  • Seating Capacity : 6
  • 40″TV
discussion room 3

Discussion Room 4

  • Seating Capacity : 6
  • 40″TV

Discussion Room 5

  • Seating Capacity : 6
  • 40″TV
discussion room 5

Discussion Room 6

  • Seating Capacity : 8
discussion room 6

Regulations for Discussion Room

The discussion rooms are not open to the public. The Director of Research Student Centre (hereinafter called “Centre Director”) may require individuals in the Centre to show their university cards for identification purpose.

Inside the Centre, students must exhibit respectable behavior, and must not disturb other students by making excessive noise, playing song or music, playing around in the Centre or doing anything that may offend others. While interactions and group discussions are encouraged, such activities should be carried out in a manner as not to cause undue disturbance to other students. The following is a list of regulations set by the Research Student Centre Advisory Committee of the Faculty of Engineering (hereinafter called “RSC Advisory Committee”). Students of the Centre must follow.

  1. Discussion rooms are for academic purposes, such as group works discussion and presentation. Prior booking is necessary to secure the use of the discussion rooms.
  2. All discussion rooms must be booked on-line on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Booking is available for RPg students and visitors of the Centre only.
  4. Each room must be used only by 2 or more persons.
  5. Each person can book a maximum of 4 sessions per day. Each session is 30 minutes.
  6. Cancellation of booking should be made as soon as possible.
  7. Unclaimed discussion rooms will be released for reservation 5 minutes after a session has started.
  8. Users are responsible for the loss and damage of equipment used.
  9. Food and beverages are not allowed in discussion rooms.
  10. Sleeping in the discussion room is prohibited.
  11. Users must not leave their personal belongings unattended. Centre Director has the right to remove such belongings without prior notice.
  12. Centre Director has the final decision in the allocation of discussion rooms.
  13. Research Student Centre reserves the right to cancel any booking without prior notice.
  14. Reservation rules and regulations will be subject to change without prior notice.
  15. Hours of Availability: Monday – Saturday, 9:00am – 9:00pm.

How to create account for booking system

Step 1: 

Visit the website: 

and choose “My Timetable” tab.

Step 2: 

Fill in the followings:

(1) Username (Your name printed on your University ID card; space should be replaced by underscore);

(2) your preferred password;

(3) University Email Address. Then Press “Register” button.

Your registration is completed.

How to Book a discussion Room

Step 1:

Visit: http://www.sharetimetable.com; Choose “My Timetable” tab and entre your “Username” and “Password”.

Step 2:

Choose “Settings” tab; and fill in the “Timetable Public ID” shown on the notice board in the Research Student Centre (for discussion rooms (#1-6) in RSC). Then press “Submit” button

Step 3:

Click “Set Active”

You will see the timetable with “Vertical” view.

You can also choose the timetable with “Horizontal” view.

Step 4:

Choose the box showing your preferred room and time slot of your preferred starting time.

Step 5:

Choose the box showing time slot of your preferred end time.(e.g. 12:30PM)

Your booking is completed.

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